How Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy Can Help You

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What is Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy?

The magnetic field surrounding the earth is a major force of life. In Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy (PMT), a coil produces invisible magnetic field lines which go beyond your skin to reach your cells. Upon striking your cells, the magnetic field stimulates your healing process. The device also increases the exchange of ions between your inner and outer cell walls to improve the overall functioning of your cells and the entire metabolism.

The magnetic field’s unique quality of reaching the molecular level allows the treatment to heal affected parts of your body.

What can you expect during treatment?
The number of treatments and duration required varies according to your affliction. In the case of acute diseases, the duration and frequency of treatment is short relative to treatment for chronic diseases.

Some patients initially feel worse after the first few PMT treatments due to the reactive phase when chronic conditions go into an acute stage. The good news: this period is a sign that the body is reacting to treatment, demonstrating that regeneration is beginning.

PMT can be used many different ways – locally (specific treatment to the affected area) or on the entire body as a total treatment. For a total treatment, the coil will be placed around your trunk area to allow total energy charge. Remarkable success can be achieved especially if the application of pulsating magnetic field is combined with other therapies.

Effectiveness of magnetic field therapy
Magnetic fields have a long history of therapeutic use, beginning in China. The first documented magnetic field treatments took place in Europe at the University in Basel in 1530. Famous physicians such as Hippocrates and H. van Bingen used magnetic fields for healing purposes.

Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy is a relatively new form of physical therapy. Research on the biological effect of magnetic fields began in the early 1960s. Since then, more than 6,000 scientific and imperial studies have shown that pulsating magnetic fields improve circulation, while increasing the presence of oxygen in your tissue. This is extremely important for supplying nutrition to your body in areas that have no direct supply of blood — such as knee cartilage and discs.

Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy is especially suited to:

  • Sports injuries e.g.: tennis elbow
  • Afflictions of the support and locomotory systems
  • Acute and chronic inflammation problems
  • Chronic and degenerative conditions
  • Metabolic and circulatory disorders
  • Delayed wound and bone healing
  • Muscle Pain
  • Fractures
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatology

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