What to Expect from Physical Therapy

By March 3, 2016Physical Therapy
Activa Physiotherapy Ottawa

Your First Appointment at Activa Physiotherapy Ottawa

At Activa Physiotherapy Ottawa, you begin with an extensive assessment with Registered Physiotherapist Barbara Stefanska. We start by reviewing your health history then evaluate your pain and movement patterns, strength, joint range of motion, reflexes and sensation.

Based on your assessment, your Physiotherapist establishes a diagnosis and partners with you to determine the most suitable Physical Therapy treatment to relieve your pain, optimize your function and movement, and improve your physical condition. You will also be provided with video instruction to help you follow your exercise program at home.

Between your appointments to receive Physical Therapy (Physio and/or Massage Therapy) at Activa, we evaluate and guide you through your therapeutic exercise program. Your progress is monitored during follow-up visits and your Physical Therapy treatment is adjusted according to your progress. Our team of a Registered Physiotherapist RPT, Registered Massage Therapist RMT, and Certified Personal Trainer works together to support you in achieving your goals. We combine principles of evidence-based practice, evaluative skills, and clinical and professional judgment to ensure that your health goals are met.

Activa Physiotherapy Ottawa

Receive Specialized Care from Our Team

At Activa Physiotherapy Ottawa, we treat specific areas of the body including back, neck, knee, hand, shoulder, offering Physical Therapy (Manual Therapy and Modern Electrotherapy and Modalities) for Sports Injury, Orthopedics and Post-surgical conditions.

With more than 35 years practicing as a Registered Physiotherapist, Barbara Stefanska continues her professional training and furthers her expertise having completed more than 40 courses including Manual Therapy, Muscle Energy Techniques and Athletic Taping.

Activa’s Registered Massage Therapist Chris Downar-Zapolski brings more than 10 years experience practicing as a Registered Massage Therapist with extensive training in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Myofascial Release Techniques.

Brian Ferrone is Activa’s Certified Personal Trainer with over 20 years experience as a Personal Trainer working with clients of all ages and different fitness levels to help them achieve their personal goals. Focusing on increasing strength flexibility and overall fitness, Brian offers Personal Training, Exercise Programs and Aqua Classes to help you achieve the goals of your Physical Therapy program.

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