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7 Best Stretches for Snow Shovelling

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The winter season is here, Ottawa! Before you go outside to tackle the snow, Activa Physiotherapy Ottawa encourages you to take 5 minutes to stretch and avoid unwanted injuries before the New Year.

Did you know? Snow shovelling accounts for most injuries each winter season at Activa Physiotherapy Ottawa as well as your local ER. Preparation for snow removal should be treated the same as your preparation at the gym: start with stretching! Read More

Activa Physiotherapy Ottawa

How Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy Can Help You

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What is Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy?

The magnetic field surrounding the earth is a major force of life. In Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy (PMT), a coil produces invisible magnetic field lines which go beyond your skin to reach your cells. Upon striking your cells, the magnetic field stimulates your healing process. The device also increases the exchange of ions between your inner and outer cell walls to improve the overall functioning of your cells and the entire metabolism.

The magnetic field’s unique quality of reaching the molecular level allows the treatment to heal affected parts of your body. Read More